Citrix Receiver

Cross Platform App Redesign

What is Citrix Receiver?

Citrix Receiver is a digital solution that lets you access your enterprise files, virtual applications, and desktops on varied devices and platforms.

Why Redesign this App?

Improve the end-to-end user experience across all platforms

Create a consistent look and feel across all devices

Allow UI branding customization with company's logo & colors

Design Process

Research → Ideate → User test → Reiterate

During the design process, every designer involved and collaborated closely with each other. There are countless whiteboarding sessions have been done and plenty of user research sessions have been conducted. As a hybrid designer, I like to be part of discussions and figure out the design principles and even prioritize tasks.

Discovery of Pain Points

1. Connection Issues and Latency

"I don't look the many hung sessions which don't seem to get killed on the Server side. I often see reconnecting and latency issues.”
“Slow! It takes so long to launch an application."

2. No Customization

“I would like to see that I may change appearance of receiver like skins for browsers.”
“Cannot group my app by category / subfolder in my own way.”

3. Inconsistent Experience

“Different icons and functions on iOS, Android and Windows 8.”


Working along with user researcher, we discovered several pain points and research findings from user interviews. Based on those findings and project goals, we improved the interface with a clear navigation and strong visual hierarchy. The new interface makes user easily discover and access apps. In this project, my primary job was to create a new design language for this app and also translate it across all the platforms.

Navigation Model Brainstorming

Identify Inconsistencies

- Log on Screen -
- Virtual Apps -
- Virtual App Categorization-
- Virtual App Details Screen -
- Virtual App Bundle -
- Mobile App Version -

Style Guide

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