In-Session Controls

Virtual Session Toolbar UX Improvement

Design principles:

  • Leverage native behavior so as to reduce extra clicks
  • Present organized actions for clear affordance and quick accessiablity
  • Don’t block users’ vision
  • Provide guidance; reduce learning curve

Intuitive Experience Between Local and Virtual Environments

The goal of this project is to revamp the in-session toolbar and design a nice user experience for Chrome browser (HTML5). Ultimately, the same toolbar design will be carried over to other platforms. One of the known issues of the old design is that the in-session toolbar obstructs the view of other applications and it’s not a pleasing experience to users.

By leveraging native behavior and virtual controls, we created a more natural and intuitive experience between local and virtual environments.

Design Process


It is a collaborative work created by a team of designers and researcher. As a designer, it is important to put ourselves in user's shoes. We started off by assessing all the devices (laptop and mobile) and compare behaviors and experience. Then we captured many inconsistent interaction behaviors across all the platforms.

On the other hand, we also did an card sorting exercise of all the functions and then determine what are the most common and frequently used functions. This exercise helped us to make design decisions in terms of information architecture and hierarchy.


Evaluate the main controls across varied device form factors.


Group functions and organize them in a logical structure.

Toolbar Design

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